Cost per click

March 21, 2015 10:46 - Views: 2385

Pay Per Click (PPC) is the other name of Cost Per Click (CPC).

There is no difference really between these two terms as the advertisers pay for each click on an ad and the publishers earn from the click on the ad.

Advertisers pay you, the publisher, by buying traffic with PPC ads. You monetize your blog or website through CPC ads which are actually PPC ads to the advertisers. Both CPC and PPC refer to the cost of a click of an ad displayed on a web page.

The only difference between these two ad programs is the advertisers pay the publishers for each click on an ad that is published on their web pages. Therefore, the advertisers pay publishers via PPC ads and the publishers earn from the PPC ads when running them as CPC ads on their web pages.

So basically the advertisers buy traffic with PPC ads running on publishers’ web pages and the publishers earn revenue by running the CPC ads (PPC ads by the advertisers) on their site.

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