Cost Per View Advertising

March 21, 2015 11:29 - Views: 2790

CPV (cost per view) or PPV (pay per view) is the same thing

As long as PPV term is associated with television, it’s more distinct to call it CPV or cost per view. But overall, it doesn’t really matter. What matter is how this whole traffic source works and how can you monetize it right.

What is CPV ?

Have you ever heard of popup or popunder traffic? Well, that’s exactly it. With CPV you pay per one impression as opposed to CPM where you pay per thousand impressions. Min. bids usually start at a penny, so you can calculate that CPM is quite pricy with this traffic, $10 or more. However, it pays off as long as you can super-target with this method and achieve better ROI than on media buys.

How it Works?

A user downloads a screensaver, some kind of toolbar, those smileys and emoticons you see everywhere, or any kind of software online. Along with that software, which is installed on their computers, a user has to agree to additionally install the adware program. How clean or shady this is, I don’t know. Some companies have boxes pre-checked, so when you install software you want, you don’t even notice the checkbox that warns you about adware installation. So users often get it without knowing it.

Next thing, whenever they browse the web, they get popups or popunders with ads. And that’s where you come in. As advertiser, you can promote your ads and they’ll be shown to those users browsing the web. And no, the popups cannot be blocked as they are already delivered from the program running in the background. Whenever one popup is delivered, you pay a penny of more depending on your bid price.

Cost Per View Traffic Targeting

CPV is awesome, because it allows you can get targeted traffic. Now when it comes to targeting options themselves, CPV traffic has the least amount of them. You can’t choose demographics, you can’t choose sex, marital status like on Facebook. However, despite that, it works very well. Let me show you. You can have the following targeting options on CPV networks:

  • RON Campaigns – You can have RON (run on network) campaigns and have the least amount of targeting. Basically your ads are displayed everywhere. It is not recommended. You’ll blow all your money in seconds probably.
  • Categories – Again depending on the network, you can target one specific category. Like “women” or “weight loss” or “education”. So your ads will be displayed on sites that the CPV networks considers to fit your chosen category.
  • URL Targeting – This is the #1 option everyone uses and say it produces the best results. And it does. You’ll have more successful campaigns with this option than others. Here, what you can do is simply pick a URL/website domain name and bid on it. Let’s say you pick Now, whenever people with adware installed on their computers, visit you ad will show up. Can you imagine the targeting and traffic quality this way?

You can target not only broad URL’s like, but specific URL’s like In this case, your ads will only be popped over when people visit that one page. Or you could target a folder, like In this case, your ad will popup when people visit that URL or any pages inside that folder, like , 2.html and so on…

Keyword Targeting – It’s another good option. Whenever people type in keywords into a search bar in any search engine, your ads will pop up. So you can bid on keywords, just like you bid on URL’s. Some people do find success with this method. It’s not as common, say bring you long term profit as not so many people are using this method.

Cost Per View Marketing Methods

Here’s a list of some marketing ideas you can use to make money with PPV traffic. They do work and make money, but as always, need testing, and losing money upfront until you make it work. One major tip before going with these CPV networks. Do NOT bid on super high traffic domains. PPV grandfather I call him, Gauher Chaudhry mentioned that he blew few thousand dollars in minutes while bidding on or, don’t remember exactly which. But point is, there’s so much traffic when you bid on these top domains, and audience is so wide, that it’s next to impossible to make it work. As a rule of thumb, don’t bid on sites that are less than 100 on alexa rank.

Ok so I mentioned to give you some advertising techniques with PPV and here they are.

Bidding on Your Competitors – This one works quite well. Let’s say when Acai hit big, everyone was making money from it. What smarter folks did, they went to CPV networks, and bided on every advertiser on Google Adwords who was pushing the product. Just on those URL’s alone and it made tons of money for them. It still works for many markets, so just try it out.

Picking One Big Target – Generally, with PPV as everyone says you need to pick a bunch of URL’s, usually you use URL scrapers for that. (There are free ones online, so do a search). Then you optimize campaign by eliminating losing targets. But the other way around is to pick one large target that gets loads of traffic. Let’s say and promote all kinds of dating offers to see what sticks. You can rotate offers, landing pages, whatever and make sure you find something that works. In this case, you don’t lose as much money as there are fewer testing variables involved.

Bidding on Order Pages – That’s a good one. Find your competitor sites and bid on pages that take them to order page. Whichever sales path it is. Traffic quality is going to be insane as these people already have credit cards in their hands. And you pop your offer over them and say: “hey, this is better, check it out” or something like that. Conversions can be 50%-100% on these.

Why you choose adprimary?
  • Target country, channel, website or device
  • Limit your daily budget
  • Take control of your campaigns at your control panel
  • Conversion tracking
  • Anti-fraud technology for clicks and impressions (be safe).
  • Real - time statistics
  • Multi ad formats (image, flash, video, full page) and more